About Us

Why Ethmar International Co. for food industries?

After deep thought, and high ambition, and great confidence, we decided…to Establish Ethmar International Co. for food industries.
The combination of resources Ethmar International Co. for food industries enjoyed enabling her to resolve strongly the conflict the market generally suffering from (necessity of choice between price or quality).
So Ethmar International Co. for food industries can provide a wonderful marketing mixture of:
Super quality and competitive price.
This makes our products an ideal choice for any link in the distribution chain, starting from the distributor or importer and down to the end consumer.
The quality as we understand is a general framework and a comprehensive policy controls and regulates all operations in Ethmar International Co. for food industries..
We fully believe that the quality of the product is not just criteria and standards and specifications but they are also flavor deliver finally to end consumer, and this is called in Shami accent (Nafas), and from this understanding we keen to deliver a taste of our products close or identical to the taste which the consumer used to taste in his home, and from here comes also a label for our brand beutna.




We want to be known across the world that we are the best suppliers of Arab halal food products, and to be the work environment in our company an ideal environment to attracting the best human resources.


To Provide canned and packed food products with the highest quality according to the best standards and criteria and which produced in all stages of producing procces with a positive energy and high emotions of love and respect with ultra-competitive prices.


  • Honesty
  • Confidence
  • Distinction
  • work as one team
  • Interest in to human resources
  • Care and generosity